Murphy’s Law 2021 #54 – Infrastructure for Value Added

November 15, 2021

One could say that any infrastructure improvement is a positive for Agricultural value added projects let alone farming itself. Be it a crush plant, the recently discussed wet corn plant, a livestock facility or whatever, they need some or all of the water, roads, pipelines, rail and power mix.

During this special session we have been working to bring many of these factors to new levels. For instance there is $75 million for water, $150 for a natural gas pipeline that can deliver to the northern, central and eastern part of our state and $317 million for roads and bridges.

Then there is the shortage of workforce which shows itself in nearly every business that I encounter. Our state is spending millions for workforce development.

Playing throughout all of this is money to increase broadband because without it life is nearly unimaginable (as a nearly 70 year old, I find this incredible). And speaking of technology, there is $10 million for Grand Farm.

As the focus narrows now in the third day, I find myself discussing value added projects with the Lt. Governor, a man who is strongly promoting the synergies to be found within energy and agricultural industries. Your NDSGA has been and will be engaging with Senators and Representatives to bring as much of these ARPA funds to bear for the betterment of our industry.