Murphy’s Law 2021 #38 – Updates on Posting, Septic Systems and Township Roads

April 22, 2021

Just this Thursday morning, SB2144-the posting bill-was passed on the House side with only 3 dissenting votes. We can pretty much put this one to bed and thank all of the participants. Uniformity for local health units as well as installers where wastewater management is concerned has also been passed and is headed for the Governor. Township road funding is now looking at up to $30 million in funding, a level far surpassing anything seen for these entities, but one sorely needed. That money is proposed in bill HB1015 which passed the Senate today. It will be acted on the House in the next few legislative days and then go to conference committee where it is typically the last bill or two acted on in every session. If you wish to help, please call your two House members and ask them to support whenever it comes to the floor.
While last week I had predicted today or Friday for the last day of the session, it is now evident that next Thursday is quite likely. HB1437 is the tiling bill and is undergoing a contentious conference committee process based on reporting or not on tracts of under 80 acres. Their next meeting is unscheduled at this writing. Both sides contend they want to save the bulk of the bill so hopefully they will compromise soon.