Murphy’s Law #36 – ADD and Road Trains Pilot Program Approved

April 19, 2021

Late last Friday, HB1475 was approved at a level of $10 million for supporting the new Agriculture Development and Diversification (ADD) fund. It sets up a board that will review loans and grants from the fund which have already been looked at by the Bank of North Dakota. Hopefully there are some entrepreneurs that will be aware and eligible to help our industry move forward.
SB2026 is the bill which proposes a pilot project for road trains or long/multiple trucks which are legal in some European countries and Australia. The term is not defined and counties, cities and townships will have the chance to decide if the project can take place within their jurisdictions. The ND Department of Transportation will oversee the pilot and report in 2022. The name of road trains was dropped and long combination vehicles will be used instead. Coming up, Conference Committees. On Monday is SB2020 – NDSU Research and Extension budget hearing and on Tuesday HB1437 – the subsurface water management bill.