Murphy’s Law 2021 #29 Septic Systems Up and Gas Tax Down

March 26, 2021

We now will have some uniformity in our wastewater systems including installation of septic systems due to the passage of HB1183. It sets up a board consisting of local health authorities and installers of septic systems so that many of the inconsistencies of both can be minimized. It should eventually lead to fewer problems for our rural residents and better the health of the state overall.
Today the gas tax increase of 3¢ went down. HB1464 lost 29-16 despite bipartisan support in the Senate. The majority leader stood up and asked for it to go down because of major help coming in the bonding bills and over $1 billion coming from the American Rescue Plan. He promised to direct money to roads and bridges once they have an understanding of how those dollars may be used – something that our state legislators hope to learn soon.
Concerning that matter of Fed dollar usage, it appears that the Legislature may try to get out with 9 or 10 days to spare so that they could call themselves back to act appropriately and funnel the dollars where they can once they do understand.