NDSGA | Murphy’s Law 2021 #25 – Zoning, Water, Bonding Uncertainty

March 15, 2021

Yesterday saw the passage of SB2216, a bill which clarified where to begin measuring for setbacks of an animal feeding operation. Perhaps that will help whenever these value-added projects are applying for permits.
Subsurface drainage (tiling) was moved forward today when the Senate Agricultural committee unanimously approved HB1437 for a Do Pass recommendation to the whole floor with no amendments. Having passed the House already, it is looking good. That is a big deal and a big fight avoided.
There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty when it comes to the bonding bills because of the new $1.9 trillion help coming with its share of money to North Dakota. These bills will be in committee next week or so and legislators will be trying to digest the nature of where the money will be designated by the Feds and the transfer-ability of those funds. All of a sudden the balls are in the air.
House Ag is done with bills for the session and some other committees on that side are close, if not done, as well. As usual, Appropriations will be working full time.