NDSGA | Murphy’s Law 2021 # 22 Grain Inspection and Reinsurance

March 4, 2021

House Bill 1026 is the vehicle for modernizing the grain inspection and warehouse regulation sides of the industry. After much gnashing of teeth for several sessions, two years ago oversight was passed from the Public Service Commission to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. The interim committee chaired by Representative Dennis Johnson – a farmer – got all the different parties together and hammered it out. This blog alone must have 10 or more episodes dedicated to the formation of what today passed the Senate on the first day back after Crossover. All it has to do now is go to the Governor and it will be one of the first laws of the session. Congratulations and thanks to all involved.
HB1087 is the reinsurance bill that allows for up to 20 percent savings for individuals such as farmers and ranchers which was a success the last two years and appears from its hearing in Senate IBL to be instituted once again. Good news again!