Murphy’s Law 2021 #20 – Septic Systems, Quick Take

February 23, 2021

Bill HB1183 was passed in the House today while the Corn and Soybean Expo is going on. Last year in the Fargodome, I spoke to the lunch crowd about the issue this bill has finally addressed because we all have to deal with wastewater and many of us with septic systems. HB1183 sets up uniform practices for local health units and installers which should alleviate the patchwork of irregularities tormenting both aforementioned parties as well as customers trying to get something installed. A board is being set up to oversee. That board can also be appealed to should problems come bubbling to the surface (ahem).
Cities, Counties, Airports, Water Boards and others were relieved to see the defeat of HB1324 which represented the annual attempt by a lawmaker to mess with Quick Take. The process was slowed in 2017 session to give more credence to those disaffected by whatever roads, drains or whatever when Quick Take had been used. The timelines and negotiations were slowed to the point where we nicknamed the result Medium Take, but the same lawmaker brought up issues with it in 2019 and this session as well. A well-vetted dispute resolution protocol, Quick Take lives to fight another day.
The Senate finished today and those members are on their way home for Crossover break until it cranks up again March 3. The House will do its best to get done by Thursday.