NDSGA | Murphy’s Law 2021 #14 APDC, Floor Action, Research & Extension

February 11, 2021

HB1431 is the House bonding bill which contains $50 million for the Agricultural Products Development Center and the Northern Crops Institute. It was preserved in Appropriations the other day while $95 million for a Career Tech Ed center was stripped out along with other items. So hope remains for this important project although it still must pass the House floor vote before being sent to the Senate side. It would be useful for our readers to contact their Representatives to encourage a green vote for HB1431 although it is not yet on the Calendar for a vote so maybe next week.
Some that are on the floor calendar are HB1464 – the gas tax that keeps getting pushed back in the queue, HB1087 which is the reinsurance bill which reduced single health plan costs by 20 percent, HB1315 which would increase interstate speed limits to 80 and put on a 40 mph minimum. I thought we had a minimum, but I guess I was thinking of all the neighboring states that do.
Also tracking HB1430 which would decrease requirements (mostly because of COVID-19 related learning problems) to qualify for Tech Ed scholarships. Again, these last four may be voted on in the next few Legislative days.
Research and Extension was discussed by the Senate Appropriations subcommittee yesterday and they will bring the recommendation to restore all cuts recommended by the Governor to the full committee for action. That is in bill SB2020 which will presumably have a tougher time in the House if history repeats itself. When that time comes I will ask again that you use whatever relationships you have established with members of the Legislature. If you have not yet reached out to introduce yourself, please take the time to do so. Their email and phone are in the Legislative website. Thank you for that as it really increases the influence of this organization.