NDSGA | Murphy’s Law 2021 #10 Zoning, Water, Beef Checkoff

February 5, 2021

Animal feeding operations have had problems getting established in our state compared to others for a host of reasons. One bill that is intended to reduce confusion addressed zoning in the form of SB2216. The Senate Ag committee dealt with it Thursday and today. They gave a unanimous Do Pass Recommendation to this bill which clarifies where any entity can begin to measure their setbacks from. Also today, the same committee – after enduring five or so hours of testimony Thursday – further discussed SB2208. That was an attempt to rewrite a lot of water law that ran into strong headwinds. Because of the complexity and size of the code, the committee discussed turning this into a study. Instead of an official motion, they discussed how to form such a study and I believe they will formally do so next week. On HB1487 which is the bill which would alter the beef checkoff, the Ag Coalition came in unanimously opposed. This bill changes one word- from must to may- in this sentence: “…any person who sells cattle in this state or from this state must pay an assessment equal to one dollar for each animal sold.” It will be heard on Friday, February 5 in the House Ag Committee. You can watch the hearing here.