NDSGA | Murphy’s Law 2021 #6 Big Bonding Bill Bye-Bye

February 5, 2021

The $1.1 billion bonding bill which held so much hope for transportation infrastructure was ditched because of what I have heard was lack of support from House leaders who felt that bonding for water projects that last a long time was more appropriate. How more funding for transportation will be pursued remains to be seen. COVID-19 has been in the news here in what is now Legislative Day #9 (it is the 11th day they have met in committee, but to count officially as a day they need to convene for floor sessions which they have skipped twice). The virus sent Senator Wanzek away Monday, while today saw the return of the President of the Senate, aka the Lt. Governor, after an absence of several days due to a case of the virus in his family.

Water Resource Districts are facing changes in at least two bills, one being 2208 which they look upon as being regressive in terms of WRD’s authority and the other being 1437 which was reached after much discussion between WRDs, tiling interests and attorneys. 2208 was scheduled to be heard this week but has reportedly been pushed back to next week. There is always intrigue in Water World.