NDSGA | Murphy’s Law 2021 #5 Posting and Other Stuff

February 5, 2021

In my last blog I explained what the four posting bills did and what was expected to happen on Thursday. Thankfully, it worked out. What that means is that the electronic posting study (which had only about a half year or less for a trial run) will continue in bill 2036 if the Senate Natural Resources committee’s recommendation for a Do Pass is followed by the floor. Then SB2037 received a unanimous Do Not Pass at the recommendation of Senator Erbele. SB2038 was also ditched because its essence is repeated in the bill that will go forward – SB2144. This bill embodies the compromise between land owners and sportsmen by stating that criminal trespass will pertain to anyone that crosses a maintained fence capable of holding livestock if it is posted. If not posted electronically or physically (both will hold the same weight), only someone licensed to hunt or fish can enter. Both groups testified positively for the bill and it came out 6-0 Do Pass. The North Dakota Soybean Council got a 14-0 Do Pass Rec out of House Ag committee today – that is HB1145 and is a technical update to their election process. Water Resource Districts will be discussed next week in SB2208 while a bill to allow those districts to have up to seven board members did get a favorable recommendation today. Stay safe.