Murphy’s Law 2019 #35

April 26, 2019

Day 76 of 80. Yesterday, 1020 was settled stopping 4 years of financial backsliding for NDSU Ag Research and Extension. In general terms, the House agreed to the Senate position of not only holding even, but along with a raise and benefit package, some money to help catch up a bit. Not all the way, but researchers, main and branch alike should have some morale restored and be able to continue the work that returns so much to our state. Congratulations!
SB2315, the automatic posting bill, is going to be tested on the floor today. Some House members are thinking it might not survive. Speaking of testing, the one that has pushed and pulled us the most this session was 2346 – the grain inspection program. The House changes which would have moved the oversight of grain inspection from the PSC to the Ag Department was killed the other day in the Senate. Like a phoenix, it arose from the ashes in 2009 which is the Ag Dept. budget. Now it appears like it will be moved to Ag with most proposed changes such as an expanded indemnity fund in an interim study. The couple of changes still in are some financial confidentiality provisions and a raise in minimum bonding for roving grain buyers. The PSC budget is to be given some $200,000 so that they can continue and eventually wrap up the current insolvency case. In speaking with leadership this morning, the session may wrap up tonight or tomorrow (Saturday) at the latest.