Murphy’s Law 2019 #34

April 26, 2019

Well. 2346 took yet another interesting turn this morning on the Senate floor when it was defeated 3-44. Normally, that would be the end of a bill this late in the session, but not this time. Maybe. You will recall that the PSC runs the grain inspection program and 2346 had been amended in the House to move the program to the Ag Department. So being killed this morning meant that the program stayed with the PSC. However, the Appropriations committee in the House had taken the FTEs for boosting the grain inspection program and put them in the Agriculture Department budget. So, if the PSC retains the program, they have lost the money and positions to run it. Can the PSC get those back in the budget? Not at the PSC budget conference this afternoon at 2:00 they couldn’t. The Ag budget conference committee is at 4:00, so we will see what happens there. Maybe they will try to trade something for it such as an expanded grain indemnity fund. Maybe it will be the sticking point that ends the session..