Murphy’s Law 2019 #27

April 4, 2019

The companion bill to farm home exemption that ensures confidentiality of financials passed today. 2278 also says that if a farmer wants the exemption they must apply.
NDSU Research and Extension has been having their budget heard (1020) the past two days in Senate Appropriations and the latest word is that their budgets have been restored from cuts across the hall. That means a conference committee will be talking about it soon.
This morning saw 2345 discussed in House Ag committee. That is the animal feeding operation bill which saw amendments from the ND Farm Bureau, the Stockmen’s Association, ND Department of Health and the ND Ag Department. It got a 10-2 Do Pass and will probably pass on the House floor next week and go to a conference committee where they will decide what will be in it.
2315 is the automatic trespass bill that has had a subcommittee meeting multiple times in the past couple of weeks. They submitted some amendments this afternoon and will hammer something together tomorrow morning because all of the policy committees need to be done by the time they leave for the weekend.

2346 is waiting for one amendment which will affect cash grain brokers. It looks like they will try to move it from PSC to Ag and allow no expansion of the indemnity fund. That may also be an interesting conference committee next week sometime.