Murphy’s Law 2019 #26

April 2, 2019

Well, it is not directly agricultural, but the House just failed to join the Senate in overriding the Governor’s veto raising driver’s license fees. The link to agriculture is that of course, more funding for our roads and bridges would be beneficial to our producers rather than using the $5.5 million for subsidizing production of our licenses. Also less than ten minutes ago, a lobbyist asked me what bills/issues we still had to work on this session. I ripped off about five in 15 seconds and she said “You guys are the winners!” The list includes the companion bill to the farm home exemption which guarantees financial confidentiality and that a producer must fill out the one or so page application to get the exemption. That is 2278. 2139 is snagging and clearing which we thought was clear but hit a snag. The committee kicked it out two weeks ago with a 14-0 Do Pass recommendation. However, a representative with a lot of water experience dragged it back to change a few words which evidently are okay. It should be on the floor soon. Another biggie for farmers is 2346 which seeks to improve our regulations concerning grain inspection and licensing. There are wind farm siting and mitigation issues, NDSU Research and Extension budgets, animal feeding operations and trespassing bills as well. A bill on health re-insurance which could save farmers up to 20% is also in play. Not to mention 2297- $151 million to replace Dunbar Hall. In addition, it would replace Harris Hall, the meat dept. and the Northern Crops Institute with a new Ag Production Development Center that will act as the flagship building for agriculture on the NDSU campus, a VCSU building and Dickinson State building. Lots to do.