Murphy’s Law 2019 #22

March 21, 2019

Thursday, the 50th day of the session and things are getting heated in some regards as choices get made. People watching the House floor today said legislators were getting rather contentious with each other at one point. And just now in the continued hearing for 2346 – the bill that would affect changes in grain licensing and inspection – some emotions were at the boiling point. The Chairman closed the hearing which had all participants on edge to immediately open the next with, unfortunately for the next presenter, the cheery, feel-good resolution celebrating Cowboy Day in North Dakota. Then, minutes later right back into another bill that has also run with some emotion – 2315 which is the automatic trespass bill. ANYWAY, some good news for producers today with House Energy & Natural Resources passing 2139 (snagging and clearing) with a Do Pass recommendation of 14-0. That bill reinstates state cost share for snagging and clearing of rivers after losing it last session. Now for the floor vote next week. Back on 2346, Corn and Soybeans along with some who help producers market their crops weighed in in favor while the Grain Growers and Grain Dealers came in opposed and asked it be turned into a study. So now the House Agriculture committee will decide what to do.