Murphy’s Law 2019 #17

March 15, 2019

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon at the Public Service Commission office discussing grain inspection and licensing. I would typify it as an excellent meeting and the Commissioner thanked us for engaging. He also mentioned that he wished other commodity groups would get involved at the same level.
Then we hustled down to House Finance and Tax where the committee was working on what to do with the farm home exemption bills. 2278 came out with a 14-0 Do Pass recommendation. That is the part which would compel farmers to apply with the form in each county (some 20 were not requiring it) and keep the financial info confidential. We did not like the part forcing each county to do so. Then the committee voted on 2360 – the part that would create the optional indemnity fund, increase positions and confidentiality. We testified in favor. That came out 7-7 and the chair hammered out for the time being. Presumably, the action will pick up next Monday. This bill came out of the Senate committee 3-3 but we prevailed 34-11 on the floor. In the House, prospects on the floor are much more dismal no matter the committee recommendation, but we will soldier on.