Murphy’s Law 2019 #15

March 1, 2019

Welcome to March 1. This was a short week as the session grinds back into action like a semi-frozen combine in December. Today I spent all morning in House Energy and Natural Resources listening and eventually testifying on 2139 which seeks to reinstate the State Water Commission cost-share for snagging and clearing. That bill is all about roads and bridges and I testified in relation to the economics of our state. Counties, Cities, Townships and Water Resource Districts all weighed in favor. No one opposed. It passed the Senate but the House could be rockier.
That is also true of 2360 – the farm home exemption. It is up on Wednesday in House Tax. 1066, aka the Prairie Dog bill, is up Tuesday morning in Senate Finance and Tax. That bill is important to producers because it funds roads and bridges on a more permanent basis.