Murphy’s Law 2019 #12

February 13, 2019

Hey! It is the middle of the week after the Corn and Soybean Expo and I just want to thank the many folks who mentioned that they appreciate the blog. Good to know that it is read.
Today we had committee action taken on the farm home exemption bill (2360) that would get rid of the current tests and use the federal IRS definition which is that 66 percent or more of gross income from the farm means you are a farmer. We believe it would mean that most farmers would qualify for the exemption. It came out 3-3 with no recommendation from the Senate Tax and Finance committee. We expected 4-2 Do Pass so it went a bit sideways and will likely be a close floor vote which is probably Friday. If you know a senator, this would be a good time to ask for a green vote.
SB2346 is the warehouse and grain licensing bill from Senator Wanzek that seeks to improve enforcement. It is appearing in his committee (Senate Appropriations) tomorrow at 8. So I know where I will be right after the Ag Coalition weekly breakfast.