Murphy’s Law 2019 #9

January 30, 2019

On Tuesday bill # 1476 was heard in House Finance and Tax. This would give farmers who are looking at getting out or retiring an incentive through an income tax credit if they sell their land to someone who qualifies as a beginning farmer. It was presented as something that would help the beginning farmer and was looked upon favorably by the committee in that regard, but the chairman hinted that it might not fly because it is a tax credit bill and they have seen so many of them.
Today in House Appropriations subcommittee they were dealing with 1020 which includes budgets of the Extension service and its many divisions. Chairman Monson was looking at an Executive budget cut recommendation of slightly over one million dollars on the miscellaneous expense line – approximately a 4% reduction. He said that after Extension suffered significant cuts last session …”I can’t do that to them again.” Eventually, Rep. Martinson asked to keep them whole on that line and the committee agreed. They also later added another $100,000 to that line with the intent those dollars subsidize 4-H. Of course, it is only Day 18 of what could be 80.