Murphy’s Law 2019 #4

January 16, 2019

This is the second full week of the 16 week session and about 750 bills have entered the process. We have sorted them into a 70-some active Agricultural watch list and 130 or so on a list which is less directly affecting Ag but still of some import such as some transportation, tax or financial bills, etc. There are expected to be at least another 250 by next week when the deadlines hit, which is a couple of hundred more than last session. Some highlights of Monday and Tuesday for your legislative team include a meeting with other Agricultural groups to get consensus on support for the NDSU Agricultural Products Development Center and Northern Crops Institute project which has a current price tag in bill #2297 of $64 million. 2297 also includes NDSU Dunbar Hall replacement for $51 million, a Valley City State building for $32 million and a Dickinson State project for $4.5 million.
We also had an extended meeting with the Agricultural Commissioner and other producer groups about a State Water Commission bill and we think we have worked it out for all concerned. This afternoon we have a meeting on the farm home exemption issue which has been thorny for many sessions. The chair of Senate Tax, Senator Cook, has a bill drafted but not yet published so we will see what happens there and let you know.
Tomorrow morning is the weekly Agricultural breakfast in the Capital at 7 before the two Agriculture committees start their work which is always on Thursdays and Fridays.