Murphy’s Law #49

January 19, 2018

On January 17 I drove to Jamestown to attend the ND Grazing Lands Coalition’s (NDGLC) Winter Conference. Like a couple of the many folks I spoke with, you may be wondering what a NDSGA representative was doing there. I explained to them that the Soybean Growers are interested in knowing what is going on in ND Agriculture and that the paramount interests of this winter conference, namely Soil Health, Water Quality and Economics are shared with the NDSGA along with other concerns like transportation infrastructure. Oh, and by the way, everyone I asked who was there to learn better land management for their animals also grew soybeans.
There were presentations on grazing sheep, the importance of microbes in the gut and soil, kick starting the regeneration of soil health and from North Dakota’s own Kenneth Miller, a presentation on ranching from this winner of the Leopold Conservation Award. That prize is sponsored by the NDGLC, the ND Association. of Soil Conservation Districts and the ND Stockmen’s Association. Ken ranches along the Missouri river south of Mandan – I had mentioned him in an earlier blog because I heard him present at the Irrigation conference as part of the ND Water Users convention.
It is always beneficial to hear and learn new material and I must share with you that each person/group that I spoke with appreciated that the NDSGA was there to hear, learn and understand that the GLC is a group that is growing and attracting new participants and partners every year. You probably have a member near you as I met people from every corner of our state including Arthur, Ellendale and Flaxton in the far NW to name a few. Happy New Year to you all!