Murphy’s Law #19

March 17, 2017

Big news. Today, upon the 5-0 Do Not Pass Recommendation of the Senate Agriculture Committee, the floor unanimously followed that lead on HB1282. It failed 46-0 with only one Senator absent. It would appear that the Commodity Groups were heard.
It was a big water day in Senate Energy and Natural Resources. They took more testimony on Quick Take – this time on the House version, HB1244. It looks like the Senate version has the most legs as that was the one written by the Interim Water Topics committee. Like the Senate version, this one suggests that QT might be better used after County Commissioners have voted to approve it. The Water Resource District Attorney made me laugh today when (and while supporting the bill) suggested that the process has been slowed enough to where they are calling it “Medium Take”. From what I could tell hanging around with the Water World people in the hallway afterwards, a workable compromise is in the offing. Will probably know next week.
It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I am Irish, so have a good weekend.