Murphy’s Law #13

February 23, 2017

On Tuesday morning the House passed the Public Service Commission (PSC) elevator bill as amended without any dissent. As passed, HB1126 makes little change from the way the law has read for the past several years. It does make a change allowing electronic communications for the subsection on insolvency as well as a fiscal note of saving $88,000 from the PSC budget due to the reduction of 1.25 FTEs. Please note that this is the first hurdle and it will now go to the Senate in March.
HB1255, the truck harmonization/129,000lb. bill, passed out of the House this morning as well. On the Senate side this morning, SB2263 – the Ag tiling bill, passed out with amendments that ensure some control by water resource districts, less than 80 acres still does not need a permit but now must notify the water resource district as well as some other things like capping permitting fees at $500. With another tiling bill on the House side (HB1390 is up tomorrow) I would think that there is a good chance there will be some changes yet to come.
SB2225, the bill which had originally posted land automatically but had been amended into a 5 county pilot project, was defeated this afternoon on the Senate floor.
Again, remember that passage in one house does not a law make.