Murphy’s Law #12

February 20, 2017

Back from the break that I had arranged before I took this job, I have spent the day catching up on Legislative activity. On SB2225, the trespass bill which would automatically post all land, I spoke with Senator Kelly Armstrong this morning. He related that at this point it has been amended to a pilot program consisting of 5 counties that could apply. It has components like registration of landowners and some other things but I have not seen the amendments in their entirety. It will be up within a day or two.
By the way, the Legislature will be hitting Crossover on Thursday. Officially it will be off Friday thru next Tuesday, cranking up for the second period on Wednesday, March 1. So far I have been told to expect a quick hammer in and out on this Thursday morning with the House perhaps in session until noon at the latest.
On HB1282, the so-called Commodities bill, the word is that it looks like it is heading towards becoming an interim study. Quite a few seem to feel that this issue might be better off being studied rather than being rushed. We will see what happens in the weeks to come.
On SB2263, the tiling bill heard in the Senate, Chairman Luick was not able to move his amendments while Senator Klein brought some that were adapted. These include a drainage coefficient of 3/8-inch; the ability of water resource districts to attach reasonable conditions and some others.
HB1126, the Public Service Commission bill which was redoing oversight of grain warehouses/elevators as well as bonding changes and others comes up for a vote on the House floor tomorrow morning. It appears that the only substantive change that has survived is allowing for electronic licensing. By and large, bonding and keeping the court in charge of settling insolvencies has been kept the same as in previous years.