Murphys’ Law #4

January 25, 2017

Just now an official from the Bank of ND asked me what issues the Soybean Growers are following – I get that a lot. My answer can be simple as in “soybean growers are citizens so almost everything seems to apply”, or if they really seem to care, I tell them what we are following that particular day. You really care, so here is what yesterday and today have been about:
Tuesday started out with a board conference call on HB1126, the PSC bill attempting to change their regulatory role with grain dealers and the financial protections inherent in that business. There were a lot of discussions on 1126 during the day until around 5:30 at the Capitol and later on the phone into the night.
I also attended hearing in Judiciary on collection of property by affidavit thinking it might affect growers, but it turned out to be under $50,000 and did not look like it was going to pass.
Today (Wednesday) started out with Scott and I discussing 1126 over breakfast which led me to begin at the PSC with their chief legal counsel. Then I went down to House Industry Business & Labor for a couple of hearings, the first of which was about property sales price disclosures. I figured that mattered to farmers pretty directly, but it turned out that the change is not major and that if anyone really wants to know, they can find out at the courthouse who paid how much for what. The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI) was in explaining to Appropriations what they do today and like most, asking to keep their budget at least even. Scott got up for soybean growers and asked the committee to keep UGPTI whole as they are critical to our roads, bridges and even rail systems.
Coming up in twenty minutes is NDSU Extension and Research with their important work. There is already a big cut figured into the Legislature’s running total, which threatens Ag research programs. Governor Burgum’s is now asking for larger budget cuts. The overall mood is dark.